Investor Relations

Measuring Performance

Our objective is to maximize long-term value for unitholders. To achieve this goal, we target annualized total returns of 12% to 15% - from our current operations and the assets that we acquire – over the long term. This return will be generated from the in-place cash flow of our current operations plus growth.

To achieve this objective, we strive to manage our operations to generate increasing funds from operations (FFO1) per unit over time. If we are successful, growth in FFO should enable us to increase distributions to unitholders. Furthermore, the increase in our FFO should result in capital appreciation of our operations.

Accordingly, for our business as a whole, our key performance measure is AFFO yield2, which measures how effectively we deploy our capital. We also measure the growth of FFO per unit

In addition we have performance measures for each of our operating segments that track the key value drivers of each one these segments.

Operating Segments Performance Measure
Utilities Growth in RAB3
Return on RAB
AFFO Yield
Transport Growth in Revenue
AFFO Yield
Energy Growth in Revenue
AFFO Yield
Communications Infrastructure
Growth in Revenue
AFFO Yield

1 Funds from operations is equal to net income plus depreciation and amortization, deferred taxes and certain other items.
2 FFO less maintenance capital expenditures divided by partnership capital
3 RAB is regulated or notionally stipulated asset base

Investor Enquiries

For all Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. investor enquiries please call:

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Transfer Agent

For enquiries regarding unit transfers, changes of address, distribution cheques and lost unit certificates, please contact:

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